The Story and Building Concept

The Make.Work concept is specifically designed to address capital requirements and facilitate the rapid and efficient generation of commercial product and sales. The Make.Work team has observed many companies who, even after their prototype was working, spent precious years trying to raise capital to manufacture it. Small runs are typically very expensive due to the up-front costs and large per-part costs, particularly for the vast majority of small companies who are trying to manufacture here in the US. These young companies would prefer to handle their own manufacturing in this area,, but lack the requisite sales to justify the $2-3M investment it takes to set up a dedicated manufacturing line.

Make.Work provides the capacity for manufacturing ‘small runs’ in our 27,000 sq.ft facility with accessory buildings for shipping and inventory storage. Companies can lease space in our facility and share access to manufacturing facilities with other early stage companies. They will not only share the facilities, materials handling and storage, and ISO certifications, but they will be able to effectively and continuously interact with one another, sharing best practices and tips for success. Make.Work, in cooperation with The Tech Toybox, Inc. will provide assistance to participating companies in clarifying and defining their processes as well as constructing their own specialized manufacturing facilities.

As they grow and outgrow the shared facility Make.Work has the ability to provide them with custom designed and constructed proprietary facilities on the same site. This allows each growing company to maintain ongoing access to the mentoring and technical support of Tech Toybox, to necessary facility resources, as well as the invaluable, collegial support of other tenant companies. Lowering the barriers to manufacturing, including advanced manufacturing, will both premise and expedite funding, even prior to sales. Each compnay avoids being squeezed into a position where they have to raise capital, rather they just need to raise rent. This brings the ramp to sales well within the level of local and regional angel investment. Local investors are on-board.