Manufacturing in Gainesville, Florida

The local start-up community is growing at an accelerating pace. The community is primed and ready to transition to the next level, which involves keeping those young companies, their revenues, and employment opportunities right here in North Central Florida. Make.Work is doing just that with their shared manufacturing facility placed in the Power District/ Depot Park area. At the intersection of Depot Avenue and South Main Street, Make.Work is centrally located in this District and is proximate to the Innovation Hub, Downtown, the Shands Complex, and Santa Fe College’s downtown campus.

We encourage the community to visit Make.Work after the building’s rehabilitation is complete.


Spin Chill

“A facility like Make.Work would have been beneficial in the early stages for Spin Chill because it gives the company the ability to have more hands and more minds involved in the project to be able to make improvements in a more rapid manner.”

Trevor (Co-founder/CEO)