Phase 1: $565,000

Siting Make.Work at 722 S Main St is ideal because:

    1. Existing industrial site with appropriate land-use history and inherently flexible zoning
    2. Availability of tens of thousands of square feet of space in older Type IV industrial building with high ceilings, multiple access points, and competent shells lending themselves to adaptive reuse for the type of manufacturing our tech tenants are seeking
    3. Existence of multiple accessory structures which can be used for storage, inventory control, warehousing, multiple types of product fabrications, etc
    4. Site access on three sides from City maintained and paved thoroughfares
    5. Ample site space for employee parking
    6. Importantly, these buildings even after rehabilitation will be available to the growing companies at very competitive lease rates.
    7. The potential exists for incorporation of a residential components for management and employees of select companies along with visiting workers, visitors, guests, et al

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Phase 2: $450,000

Phase Two consists of the renovation of the Northeast corner of the main facility to become state of the art classroom and community meeting facilities. This will provide a venue for multiple collaborations in educational programs with Santa Fe College, UF, and other providers of manufacturing training. This will provide the additional capabilities of utilizing the manufacturing and prototyping equipment as a real-world experiential learning platform. This will help fill the skills gaps for budding manufacturing companies while providing training opportunities for displaced workers.

To learn more about becoming an investor, please contact us.